Sole Trader Tax Return Services Bullcreek

Sole Trader Tax Return Services Bullcreek

At Super Fund Accountants, we provide various accountancy solutions to help you as a sole trader with sole trader tax return services Bullcreek. Though being a sole trader is one of the easiest ways to get started in business, there are many procedures that should be followed.

Are you already considering or trading as a sole trader business? Super Fund Accountants can assist as we are a one-stop solution for tax advice and accountancy services for independent businesses and self employed professionals.

Setting up a business as a sole trader

You should look forward while setting up a business as a sole trader. When you register as a sole trader, you agree to accept personal financial hazard. As your business is not a separate legal entity, you must be personally liable for any legal action or debts against the work. This differs from a limited company, whereby business owners only have restricted liability.

The idea to decide whether to set up as a limited company or not, is the main decision for all kinds of business owners. There are various main differences, including tax benefits while changing your business status from a sole trader to a limited company. You can get more guidance on limited companies here.

Other ways Super Fund Accountants can assist you as a sole trader

There are various services we provide that are applicable to the budding sole traders. We provide highly affordable plans for digital costs scanning.

We can also prepare year end accounts and routine management accounts at affordable rates to formalize your annual self-employed income. This can assist you to get a better idea how your business is working, while formal year end accounts might also be required for sole traders to raise money or apply for a mortgage through the lenders and high-street banks.